PRO Rack Mount Enclosure SlideOutC 8.5RU #RM-ADE8512-BA

PRO Rack Mount Enclosure SlideOutC 8.5RU #RM-ADE8512-BA

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PRO Rack Mount Enclosure SlideOutC 8.5RU #RM-ADE8512-BA  

Rack Mount Fiber Distribution/Splice Unit

Slide Out Style

8.5 Rack Units

12 Adapter Panel Capacity

8 Splice Tray Capacity

Black Aluminum

Rack Mount Enclosures are designed to provide connectivity and distribution solutions. Rack Mount Enclosures are supplied with universal mounting hardware for 19€� or 23€� mounting. Slide out master panel style enclosures are designed to support the storage of splice trays.

Each enclosure can be ordered fully terminated with cabling or pigtails from the factory, saving valuable installation time and expenses. 

Also available in white aluminum.