Fiber Optic Cleaning Go-Kit 1
with Quick Clicks™

Precision Rated Optics SKU: PRO-CK-CLEAN-01
Fiber Optic Cleaning Go-Kit 1<br>with Quick Clicks™

Fiber Optic Cleaning Go-Kit 1
with Quick Clicks™

Precision Rated Optics SKU: PRO-CK-CLEAN-01
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Over 70% of network errors are caused by contaminated connectors. The contamination can be from dirt and debris on the end-face of the connector, or it can also be from scratches and defects during manufacturing and/or installation. Cleaning the connector is essential in either eliminating and/or reducing some of the known contamination that will affect and impair the network transmission. PRO's CK-CLEAN-01 enables the technicians to prepare the fiber cable; from stripping and cleaning through connection and test.

PRO-CK-CLEAN-01 Go-Kit includes the following items:

PRO-BAG-LARGE 12" x 10" x 11" Large Black Canvas Bag 1
PRO-CT2-002-01 2.5mm Wrapped Cleaning Stick (100 count) 1
PRO-CT2-002-02 1.25mm Wrapped Cleaning Stick (100 count) 1
PRO-LFW-100 Lint-free Wipes (3" x 3" - 100 count) 2
PRO-CT2-022 PRO Lens Cleaning Swabs (100 count) 1
PRO-0005 2.5mm Mini Foam Swabs (50 count) 1
PRO-CC-AQ Connector Cleaner Water Base 2
TC-1 American Polywater SqueekyKleen Wipes 10
PRO-CT-001 Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette 1
PRO-CT-004 Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette Replacement Reel 1
PRO-CP421-1 Electro-Wash Wipe (MX) (1 Packet) 10
PRO-CP410-1 Pre-saturated Optic Prep Pad (1 Packet) 10
CS-125 PRO Quick Click™ 1.25mm (LC) 1
CS-250 PRO Quick Click™ 2.5mm (SC) 1

*In order for proper cleaning and inspection to be performed, a handheld microscope or video inspection scope should be used. This cleaning kit does not include an inspection scope. If you do not already have a video inspection scope, try the PRO VIP-35  Video Inspection Probe. The PRO CK-CLEAN-02 Cleaning Kit also comes equipped with the PRO HM-C400S Handheld Fiber Inspection Scope 400x.