PM-12A Optical Power Meter

PM-12A Optical Power Meter

PM-12A Optical Power Meter

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PM-12A Optical Power Meter

The PRO PM-12A/B Optical Power Meter features an incredibly compact, ergonomic design and rock-solid performance. Engineered for accuracy, the PM-12A/B can measure

850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm wavelengths. Used in conjunction with a Light Source, the PM-12 A or B can accurately measure signal loss in fiber, cable and other passive optical devices.

Features of the PM-12A Optical Power Meter:

€¢ 2.5mm Universal Interface

€¢ Low Power Consumption - Over 100 Working Hours

€¢ Linear and Logarithmic Power Display

€¢ Fully-Automatic Measuring Range

€¢ Relative Value Measurement Function

€¢ Compact, Ergonomic and Portable Design

Specifications of the PM-12A Optical Power Meter:

Display Range (PM-112A): +10 ~ -70dBm @ 1550nm

Resolution: 0.01

Calibrated Wavelengths: 850/1300/1550/1490/1625

Sensor Type: InGaAs

Accuracy: 0.35dB ±1nW 0.25dB ±10nW

Working Wavelength: 800 ~ 1700

Battery Life: 230 Hours (3,500 Hours Stand-by)

Power Source: 2x AAA Batteries

Working Temp: -10 ºC ~ +50 ºC; <90%RH

Storage Temp: -20 ºC ~ +70 ºC; <90%RH

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 4.7in x 1.3in x 1.18in

Weight: 0.15lb

PM-12 A/B Standard Package Includes:

Power Meter, AAA Batteries (x2), Nylon Wrist Strap, Nylon Carrying Case

Ordering Information

PM-12A PM-12A Power Meter (+10 ~ -70)

PM-12B PM-12B Power Meter ( +26 ~ -50)


PM-12A Product Spec Sheet

PM-12A Product Manual

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