OLM-201B Optical Loss Meter (1310/1550nm)

OLM-201B Optical Loss Meter (1310/1550nm)

OLM-201B Optical Loss Meter (1310/1550nm)

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OLM-201B Optical Loss Meter

The OLM Series Meter combines a Power Meter with a 2-Wavelength Light Source for optical fiber network installation and maintenance. The unit€™s large data storage capacity and USB port make transferring field test data quick and easy.

Features of the OLM-201B Optical Loss Meter:

? Auto Wavelength Recognition

? Data Storage up to 999 Items

? USB Interface and PC Associated

Software Available

General Specifications:

Auto Power Off :Yes

Power Supply: 2000mAh NiMH 1.2V, (x2), AC/DC Adaptor

PC Interface: USB

Battery Life: > 100 Hours (Laser Off)

Storage Temperature: -4º F to 158º F(-20º C to +70º C)

Operating Temperature: 14º F to 122º F (-10º C to +50º C)

Relative Humidity: <90% (Non-Condensing)

Dimensions (LxWxD): 6.6€� x 3€� x 1.70€� 168 x 76 x 43mm)

Weight: 0.70 lbs (310 g)

Warranty: Standard 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty (Extended Warranty Available)

Power Meter

Calibration Wavelengths: /1310/1550(nm)

Connectors: Interchangeable FC /SC/ST for PC/APC

Data Storage (items): 999

Ref. Value: Yes

Display Units: dB / dBm / mW /uW

Display Precision (dB): 0.01

Accuracy (nW): ± 5% ± 1

Wavelength Recognition: 1310/1550 (Input Power > -40dBm)

Tone Detection: 270 Hz / 1KHz / 2KHz (Input Power > -40dBm)

Measuring Range (dBm): -50 ~ +26

Light Source

Output Wavelength (nm): 1310/1550

Connectors: Interchangeable FC/SC/ST for PC

Modulation Frequencies: (Hz) 270/1K/2K

Output Power (dBm): -5dBm ± 0.5

Stability Long-Term (8h) (dB): ± 0.1@1310/1550nm

Stability Short-Term (15min) (dB): ± 0.05@1310/1550nm

Wavelength Recognizing Code: Yes

PRO OLM-201B Standard Package Includes:

User Manual, Rechargeable Batteries, Interchangeable FC/SC/ST Connectors, Worldwide Compatible AC /DC Power Adaptor, PC Software, USB Connecting Cable, Carrying Case

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