OFS-936R Fusion Splicer

OFS-936R Fusion Splicer <br>(Ribbon)

OFS-936R Fusion Splicer

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With innovative design and precise manufacturing technology, the OFS-936R Fusion Splicer gives users an unparalleled experience. Cutting-edge splicing improvements and new technology greatly reduce splicing and heating time. Its advanced estimate method and core alignment technique ensure the accuracy of splice loss estimation. Additionally, its small size, compact design and reliable protection shell make it suitable for any operating environment. A dynamic operation interface and automatic splice mode gives the user added efficiency.


  • 4.3" Touch Screen
  • Single to 12 Count Ribbon
  • 20 Second Splice Time
  • 30 Second Heat Time


Applicable Fiber: SMF(G.6521657), MMF(G.651), DSF(G.653), NZDSF(G.655)
Fiber Count: Single to 12 Ribbon Fiber
Cladding Diameter Single: 125 / 160 to 3mm by Fiber Holder System
Ribbon: 125 / Ribbon Fiber Thickness 0.25 to 0.4mm
Cleaved Length: 13mm
Splice Mode/Heating Mode: 100 Splice Modes / 32 Heating Modes
Typical Splice Loss: (SM)0.03dB, (MM)0.02dB, (DS)0.08dB and (NZDS)0.08dB Measured by Cut-back Method Relevant ITU-T and IEC Standards
Splice Time Typical: 15 Sec
Tube Heating Time Typical: 20 Sec
Splice Result: Last 2000 Splices
Viewing Method: 2 Axis CMOS Camera with 4.3" Color LCD
Magnification: 33x and 60x Magnification
Protective Sleeve: 60mm, 40mm
Splice/Heating: pre Battery Typical 120 Cycles with LBT-50
Electrode Life: 1500 Splices
Display: 4.3" Color Super Clear Touch Screen with Temper Proof Glass
Optical System: No Mirror
Size/Weight (WxDxH): 4.88" x 4.84" x 5.43" / 4.18lb (124mm x 123mm x 138mm / 1.90kg)
Operating Environment: Elevation 0-5,000 Meters, Temp: 14~140°F (-10 ~ 60°C), 0-95% Relative Humidity
Storage Conditions: Temp: -40~176°F (-40~80°C), 0-95% Relative Humidity, Battery: -4~86°F ( -20-30°C)
Pull Test: 1.96 to 2.25N (Standard), 4,4N (Optional)
Terminals: USB 2.0 (Mini- 8 Type) Connector for PC Communication
Other Features: Remote PC Software Upgrade / Data Management / Maintenance

Standard Package Includes:

Splicer, Power Cord, Car Charger, SOC Heater Block, Shoulder Strap, Hot Jacket Stripper, Cleaver Softcase, USB Cable, Cooling Tray, SOC Holder, User Manual USB, AC Adapter for Stripper, Cleaver, AC Adapter, Spare Electrodes, 2 Battery Packs, Hard Carrying Case.