OFS-935C Fusion Splicer
(Core Alignment) (SOC Capability)

OFS-935C Fusion Splicer <br>(Core Alignment) (SOC Capability)

OFS-935C Fusion Splicer
(Core Alignment) (SOC Capability)

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The PRO OFS-935C is the perfect splicer for ANY job. This splicer has it all, from the easy-to-use touch screen interface to the rock solid core alignment splicing - all at a price that is thousands less than other comparable brands. With an innovative design and engineered with precise manufacturing technology, the OFS-935C gives users an unmatched experience. Splice with confidence no matter what harsh environmental condition you encounter. The OFS-935C offers SOC capability, providing superior performance with reduced insertion loss and back reflection. The OFS-935C is economical, durable and backed by Precision Rated Optics service and warranty in the United States. 


  • 4.3" Touch Screen
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-Shock
  • SOC Compatible
  • Warranty: Standard 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • (Extended and Loaner Warranties Available)

Standard Package Includes:

OFS-935C Fusion Splicer, FS-FF-50GB Series Cleaver, Power Cord, AC Adapter, Battery, Spare Battery, Car Charger, Stripper, SOC Holder, SOC Heater Block, Cooling Tray, Electrode Set, Spare Electrodes, Shoulder Strap, USB Cable, User Manual USB, and Hard Carrying Case.

Available Accessories *Call for pricing and availability



  • Splicing Method: Economical & High-Performance Core Alignment Splicer
  • Average Loss: (SM)0.02dB, (MM)0.01dB, (DS)0.04dB, (NZDS)0.04dB, (G.657)0.02dB
  • Return Loss: >>60dB
  • Splice Time: 9s average SM / SM 7s Quick mode *See below for Quick Mode details.
  • Electrode Lifespan: >3,500 arcs
  • Applicable Fiber: SM(ITU-TU.625. MM(ITU-TU.651 }, DS(ITU-T G.653}. NZDS(ITU-T.655), G657A, G657B 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, FLAT(Indoor cable)
  • Cleaved Length: Coating Diameter< 0 .25mm ~ 8-16mm, Coating Diameter> 0.25mm = 16mm minimum
  • Coating Diameter: 100~1,000 um
  • Cladding Diameter: 80~150um
  • Heating Programs: Factory installed mode: 9, User Installable mode: 23
  • Heating Time: Typical 18s
  • Protection Sleeve: 40mm, 60mm, SOC Connector
  • Data Output: HDMI
  • Splice Programs: Factory Installed Mode: 33, User Installable Mode: 70+-
  • Splice Memory: Up to 2,000 Records and 2,000 Splice Images
  • Battery: Typical 200 Cycles (Splice & Heat) / Single Battery/ 2 Batteries Standard
  • Power Supply: AC 100-240V Input or DC9-14V
  • Monitor: Color 4.3" LCD Monitor, with Touch Screen (Tempered Glass}
  • Cameras: 2 CCD Camera System
  • Magnification: XY style: 150 Power, X/Y: 300 Power
  • Fiber Display: X /Y or XY, Single X.Y
  • Size/Weight (WxDxH): 5.47" x 4.84" x 5.11"/ 3.06lb (139mm x 123mm x 130mm / 1.39Kg w/o Battery)
  • Operating Environment: Elevation: 0-5,000 Meters,Temp: -40 ~ 176°F (-40 ~ 80°C), 0-95% Relative Humidity
  • Wind Protection: The Max Wind Speed 15m/s
  • Storage Conditions: Temp: -40 ~ 176°F (-40 ~ 80°C), 0-95% Relative Humidity, Battery: -4 ~ 86°F ( -20-30°C)
  • Pull Test: 1.96 ~ 2.25N (Standard}

*Quick Mode Splicing:

  • You select SM or MM for Quick splicing
  • Full splice time from moment of closing cover: 7 seconds
Whereas Standard Splicing is fully automated: 
  • Splicer has to detect by itself which type of fiber the operator put in the machine
  • Full splice time from moment of closing cover: 14 seconds


Splicer OFS-935C Fusion Splicer Fujikura 70S Fusion Splicer Quantum Type-Q101-CA-PLUS„¢ S178A Fusion Splicer View 7 Fusion Splicer
Configuration OFS-935C-K3 | Splicer + Cleaver + Spare Battery + Car Charger + Spare Electrodes S015591 | Fujikura 70S Splicer + Cleaver + Battery + Cord Type-Q101-CA-KIT-2 | Splicer Kit with Accessories + FC-6S-C Cleaver S178A-31-V2 | S178A Fusion Splicer with Fiber Holder Mount VIEW-7 | View 7 Fusion Splicer
Alignment Type Core-Alignment PAS Core-Alignment Core-Alignment Core-Alignment Core-Alignment
Splice Time (seconds) Quick mode: 7

Regular: 9

7 6 Quick mode: 7 Regular: 9 Quick mode:7 Auto mode: 8
60mm Heat Time (seconds) 18 14 14 Quick Mode: 25 Regular: 31 13
Splice/Heat Cycle Capacity 200 200 300 200 355
Display 4.3" LCD Color Touchscreen 4.7" LCD 4.1" Color Touchscreen 3.5" LCD Color Monitor 5" LCD Color Touchscreen
Electrode Life > 3,500 arcs 3,000 arcs 3,000 arc > 3,000 arcs > 3,500 arcs
Splice Memory 2,000 2,000 10,000 2,000 2,000
Power Supply 100-240V AC Adapter and 9-14V DC 100-240V AC Adapter 100-240V AC Adapter and 10-15V DC 100-240V AC Adapter and 11-17V DC 100-240V AC Adapter and 9-14V DC
Battery 3000mAh Lithium Ion (qty 2) 4000mAh Lithium Ion Lithium Ion 2600mAh Lithium Ion 9800mAh Lithium
Dimensions 5.47" x 4.84" x 5.11" 5.75" x 6.26" x 5.91" 4.72" x 6.06" x 5.11" 6.25" x 9.09" x 511" 6.57" x 5.62" x 6.41"
SOC Compatible œ” œ” œ” œ” œ”
Available in a Go-Kit œ” NO NO NO NO
1,000 Splice Sleeves ($550 value!) œ” NO NO NO NO


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