OFL-301B Optical Fault Locator

OFL-301B Optical Fault Locator

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The OFL-301B Optical Fault Locator is high-performance optical fiber troubleshooters for locating fiber breaks and imperfections. Break results and details are displayed on a

large LCD screen.


€¢ Short Dead Zone - 3.5m

€¢ Backlit for Easy Operation in Low Light

€¢ Rechargeable Batteriy

€¢ Data Transfer via USB Interface

€¢ Interchangeable (SC/ST/FC) Connectors

€¢ Optional VFL


Item / Model No. OFL - 301B

Fiber Type:  9/125 um Single-Mode

Wavelength:  1310/1550 ± 20 nm

Dynamic Range 30/30dB

Attenuation Dead Zone: 13m

Pulse Width: 5ns, 10ns, 30ns, 100-ns, 300ns, 1µs, 2.5µs, 10µs, 20µs, 

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OFL-301B | Optical Fault Locator


OFL-301B Product Spec Sheet

OFL-301B Product Manual

OFL-301B Trace Manager Software (V.3.30.003)