LS-500D Handheld Laser Source (1310/1550)

LS-500D Handheld Laser Source (1310/1550)
LS-500D Handheld Laser Source (1310/1550)

LS-500D Handheld Laser Source (1310/1550)

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The Precision Rated Optics LS-500D Handheld Stabilized Laser Source is designed for fiber-optic network site installation, acceptance, and maintenance of fiber optic cable. Used with a hand-held optical power meter, the LS-500D can provide you with the fiber optic network optical loss. Depending on the user’s needs it can provide 1 to 4 wavelengths of stable output, and with adjustable continuous power, modulated light output and other functions like backlight intelligent control, the LS-500D product design is energy-efficient. The optional backlight display and automatic shut-off function can:

  • Support CW and a variety of modulation light output
  • Adjustable output optical power (optional) (adjustment range 0 – 6dB, step 1dB)
  • Support automatic shutdown
  • Support user self-calibration
  • Backlight intelligent control
  • Supports FC, SC, and ST interfaces
  • Support single wavelength




1310/1550 ± 20nm (SM)

Optical Connector

FC/SC/ST (FC-LC adapter option)

Laser Type


Output Power


Short-term stability

± 0.05dB/15min

Long-term stability

± 0.15dB/8h

Modulation Mode


Size/Weight (WxDxH)

3.93 x 1.97 x 7.32in / 8.46oz (100 x 50 x 186mm / 240g)

Operating condition

5~95% relative humidity, 14~140°F (-10~60°C)

Storage condition

5~95% relative humidity, -22~158°F (-30~70°C)


AA Lithium Batteries (x3)




Ordering Information:

LS-500D  |  LS-500D Light Source (1310/1550) SM

PRO 200 Series Dual Laser Sources Standard Package Includes:

Light Source, AA Batteries (x3), SC Adapter, ST Adapter, Universal Adapter


LS-500D Product Spec Sheet
LS-500D Product Manual