CS-MPO Quick Click MPO Bulkhead Cleaner

CS-MPO Quick Click MPO Bulkhead Cleaner

CS-MPO Quick Click MPO Bulkhead Cleaner

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CS-MPO Quick Click MPO Bulkhead Cleaner

The PRO MPO Bulkhead Cleaner is a mechanical cleaning tool designed to clean MPO/MTP connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or unmated connector.

A simple pushing motion engages the tool, and a "click" can be heard, which alerts the operator that the tool is fully engaged. Because the Quick Click does not use solvents, cleaning is instantaneous and there are no solvents to replace. The CS-MPO Quick Click is good for up to 600 cleaning operations.

Effective Against Following Contaminants

  • Skin Oil Residue
  • Salt Water Residue
  • Alcohol Residue
  • Hand Lotion
  • Distilled Water Residue
  • Graphite
  • Clothing Lint


  • Telecom Central Offices
  • Data Centers
  • Cable Television Head-End
  • Outside Plant and FTTx
  • Fiber to the Antenna for WiMax and Cellular Networks
  • Fiber Optic Broadcasting Including HDTV
  • Fiber Optic Military and Civilian Aviation
  • Military and Civilian Maritime Optical Networks
  • Fiber Optic Satellite Communication System


CS-MPO Product Manual

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