PRO Wall-Mounted Enclosure - #WM-AEC-0008-BS

Precision Rated Optics SKU: WM-AEC-0008-BS
PRO Wall-Mounted Enclosure -

PRO Wall-Mounted Enclosure - #WM-AEC-0008-BS

Precision Rated Optics SKU: WM-AEC-0008-BS
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Wall-Mounting an enclosure allows the installer to save valuable space. The PRO Wall-Mounted Enclosure - WM-AEC-0008-BS is one of a full line of enclosures offered by PRO. Choose from models with pre-loaded patch panels, built-in slack management, optional security doors, or even integrated bend radii to protect fibers from damage. The  fiber enclosures from PRO are ideal for subterranean installation, providing a safe, clean termination point for below-ground fiber optic cables.

The PRO line of Wall-Mounted Enclosures are suitable for both the interconnection of patch cabling, or a combination of patching and splicing. A PRO Wall-Mounted Enclosure can accommodate up to 16 termination panels. The PRO enclosures are separated into several groups to support the level of termination capacity and feature sets required for your application.

Each enclosure can be ordered fully terminated with cabling or pigtails from the factory, saving valuable installation time and expenses.

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