GLC-BX-D SFP Optical Transceiver Simplex LC Connector

GLC-BX-D SFP Optical Transceiver Simplex LC Connector

GLC-BX-D SFP Optical Transceiver Simplex LC Connector

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The GLC-BX-D is programmed to be fully compatible and functional with all intended CISCO 1GB switching devices. This SFP optical transceiver is designed for IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet interconnects and is designed to be compliant with SFF-8472 SFP Multi-source Agreement (MSA). This module is designed for single mode simplex fiber and operates at a nominal transmit wavelength of 1490nm and nominal receive wavelength of 1310nm.

1000BASE-BX10-D downstream bidirectional single fiber; with DOM

1000BASE-BX10-D and 1000BASE-BX10-U SFP for single-fiber bidirectional applications

The 1000BASE-BX-D and 1000BASE-BX-U SFPs, compatible with the IEEE 802.3ah 1000BASE-BX10-D and 1000BASE-BX10-U standards, operate on a single strand of standard SMF.

A 1000BASE-BX10-D device is always connected to a 1000BASE-BX10-U device with a single strand of standard SMF with an operating transmission range up to 10 km. The communication over a single strand of fiber is achieved by separating the transmission wavelength of the two devices. 1000BASE-BX10-D transmits a 1490-nm channel and receives a 1310-nm signal, whereas 1000BASE-BX10-U transmits at a 1310-nm wavelength and receives a 1490-nm signal.

Bidirectional transmission of a single strand of SMF

The GLC-BX-D and GLC-BX-U SFPs also support Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) functions according to the industry-standard SFF-8472 multisource agreement (MSA). This feature gives the end-user the ability to monitor real-time parameters of the SFP, such as optical output power, optical input power, temperature, laser bias current, and transceiver supply voltage.

The GLC-BX-D-I and GLC-BX-U-I are the Industrial temperature rated (IND) counterparts of GLC-BX-D and GLC-BX-U SFPS. This allows link operation in harsh environmental conditions where the module case temperature can be in the range -40°C to 85°C.

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GLC-BX-D | SFP Optical Transceiver Simplex LC Connector


GLC-BX-D-SFP Product Spec Sheet

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