OFT-CWDM-SB ~ CWDM OTDR (1471/1491/1511/1531nm)

Precision Rated Optics SKU: PRO-CWDM-SB
OFT-CWDM-SB ~ CWDM OTDR (1471/1491/1511/1531nm)

OFT-CWDM-SB ~ CWDM OTDR (1471/1491/1511/1531nm)

Precision Rated Optics SKU: PRO-CWDM-SB
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Manufactured in the USA, the CWDM-SB is ruggedized and compact OTDR that is available in a variety of wavelengths, with up to four wavelengths per unit. The standard wavelengths are: 1471/1491/1511/1531nm. Other wavelength combinations are available upon request.


The PRO-CWDM is water, dust and shock resistant, has onboard storage for 500 traces, video inspection capability and a USB port for easy data transfer.


Manufactured, sold, serviced and supported in the USA, the CWDM-SB comes standard with FC/ST and SC connectors, Telcordia software and a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.



Orange Line

? Manufactured in the USA

? Water, Dust and Shock Resistant

? 32 dB Dynamic Range

? Video Inspection Capability

? USB Flash Drive Port and Mini USB/PC Port


Power Meter

Orange Line

Detector Type: InGaAs

Connector Type: 2.5mm (Interchangeable)

Dynamic Range: +5 ~ -77dB (CATV: +25 ~ -57dB)

Calibrated Wavelengths: 850 ~ 1625 nm

Units of Measurement: dBm, dB

Resolution: .01 dB

Power Measurement Accuracy:

± 0.18 dB under reference conditions,

± 0.25 dB from 0 ~ -65 dBm

± 0.35 dB from 0 ~ +5 dBm

and from -65 ~ -77 dBm

Power input Range +5 ~ -77dBm


Light Source


Orange Line

Fiber Type: Singlemode, Multimode

Wavelengths: 1471/1491/1511/1531nm (±3nm)  |  1551/1571/1591/1611nm (±3nm)

Output Power: 0 dBm (-3dBm @ 1625nm)

Laser Safety Classification: Class I Safety Per FDA/CDRH and IEC-825-1 Regulation

Modulation Modes: CW, 270 Hz, 1,000 Hz, 2000 Hz


Visual Fault Locator

Orange Line

Emitter Type: Laser

Wavelength: 650nm ±5nm

Laser Safety Class Class: IIFDA21 CFR1040.10 & 1040.11 IEC 825-1: 1993

Connector Type: 2.5mm Universal

Output Power: 1mW Max.



Orange Line

Wavelength Range: 1471/1491/1511/1531nm (±3nm)

Dynamic Range: 32dB

Pulse Width: 5 to 20,000ns

Units of Measurement: km, kf, mi

Event Dead Zone: 1m

Attenuation Dead Zone: 4m

Resolution: .125 ~ 32m

Full-Scale Distance Range: 1~64km (Multimode)  |  1~240km (Singlemode)

Typical Real-Time Refresh Rate: 2 Hz

Group Index of Refraction (GIR): 1.024 ~ 2.048

Linearity: ±.05 dB/dB

Memory Capacity: 500 Traces

Power Supply: Universal AC/DC / Charger

Batteries: Rechargeable NiMH

Battery Capacity: >8 hrs

Storage Temperature: -20º C ~ 60ºC

Operating Temperature Range: -10º C ~ 50ºC

Weight: 2 lbs



OFT-CWDM-SB Product Spec Sheet


OFT-CWDM Series Data Management Software


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