OFS-943V Fusion Splicer (Active Clad-Alignment)

OFS-943V Fusion Splicer (Active Clad-Alignment)

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OFS-943V Fusion Splicer

The OFS-943V, an active clad-alignment splicer with the world€™s highest fiber image magnification rate, is the most dependable fusion splicer in the market. Includes a 5 inch high-resolution color LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) offers large and clear fiber images to users. By double-tapping the screen, users can Zoom In & Out the image to the world€™s highest magnification of 520x. Moreover, the 3 LED lights provide bright splice condition to the users working under dark environments. The OFS-943V is the new industry standard of active cladding alignment splicer in the telecommunications industry.


  • Active V-Groove Clad Alignment Splicing Method
  • 5€� Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Detachable SOC Holder and Heating Oven
  • 3 Bright LEDs and Illuminated Keypads For Dark Environment
  • High Capacity Battery
  • Ceramic Clamp for Improved durability
  • Easy to Replace Electrodes
  • Harsh Weather Conditions Adaptability

Specifications of the OFS-943V Active V-Groove Clad-alignment Fusion Splicer

  • Applicable fiber type: SM(ITU-T G.652&G.657) / MM(ITU-T G.651) / DS(ITU-T G.653)/ NZDS(ITU-T G.655)
  • Fiber count: Single
  • Applicable fiber cables: 0.25mm - 3.0mm / Indoor cable
  • Applicable fiber diameter: Cladding diameter: 80~150?m, Coating diameter: 125~1000?m
  • Splice loss: SM : 0.03dB, MM : 0.02dB, DS : 0.05dB, NZDS : 0.05dB, G.657 : 0.03dB
  • Splice mode: Maximum 128 splice modes
  • Internal splice data storage: 2000
  • Splicing time: SM Quick mode: 7s
  • Heat oven: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm
  • Heating time: 8- 900s
  • Typical heating time: 30s
  • Heat mode: Various heat modes available
  • Displaying method: Two cameras and 5.0 inch color LCD monitor
  • Magnification: 520x magnification for single X or Y view, or 520x magnification for both X and Y view.
  • Tensile test: 1.96-2.25N
  • Terminals: USB2.0 / MINI USB

    Standard AC power voltage: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

  • Standard DC power voltage: DC 9-14V
  • Size/Weight (HxWxD): 5.98€� x 5.78€� x 6.88€�in / 5.09lb (152 x 147 x 175mm / 2.31kg)
  • Operating condition: 0~5000m above sea level, 0~95% relative humidity, 14~122°F (-10~50°C), 15m/s max wind speed
  • Storage condition: 0~95% relative humidity, -40~176°F(-40~80°C), Battery: -4~86°F (-20~30°C) for long time storage

OFS-943V Standard Package Includes:

Splicer, High Precision Cleaver, Fiber Holder, SOC Heater Cover, AC Adapter, Cooling Tray, Electrode, Electrode Grinder, Manual and/or download card, Battery Pack, Power Cable, USB Cable, Cigarette Lighter Cable, Carrying Case, Supplier€™s declaration of conformity, Test protocol

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