HM-CL200 200x Fiber Scope

Precision Rated Optics SKU: HM-C200S-1
HM-CL200 200x Fiber Scope

HM-CL200 200x Fiber Scope

Precision Rated Optics SKU: HM-C200S-1
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This high quality microscope features 200x magnification, utilizes white LED light to provide coaxial illumination to connector end-faces. Fiber optic inspection microscopes are used to inspect the end face of a connector or cleaved fiber.

There are two major types of fiber microscopes available; one is for fiber termination inspection and the other is for inspection of installed connectors on patch panels and hardware devices. The typical magnification level is 200X.


  • Led illumination
  • Laser filter installed for eye protection
  • Versatile adapter interface
  • Clear bright images
  • Smooth focus control
  • Momentary push button on/off switch
  • Additional specific adapter such as FC, SC, ST, MU,MT-RJ etc.


Item / Model No. HM-CL200

Power Source: 2 X AAA batteries

Light Source: White LED, rated for 100,000 hours

Weight: ~1 lbs (0.45Kg)

Size: 7.48 in x 1.77 in (190mm x 45mm)

Controls: Momentary on/off switch for light source Fine Focus control wheel

Switch: 1. Automatic on/off switch for light source; 2. Two minutes delayed on/off switch

Safety Filter: Built in IR filter

Adapter Interface: user interchangeable adapters

Color: Black

Standard Package Includes:

€¢ Fiber microscope (200x)

€¢ 2.5mm universal adapter

€¢ 1.25mm universal adapter

€¢ Soft travel case

€¢ User's manual


HM-CL200 Product Spec Sheet