PRO Testing Technician Go-Kit (GOK-TECH-K2)

PRO Testing Technician Go-Kit (GOK-TECH-K2)

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The PRO Technician Go-Kit #2 is made specially for testing technicians. The Testing Technician Go-Kit has everything a technicians to clean, inspect and test. The Go-Kit backpack can safely store and transport all of your test equipment, hand tools and cleaning supplies all in a convenient roller backpack. There€™s even a special compartment to accommodate up to a 17'' laptop! Each Go-Kit has been expertly configured to best suit every application and budget. As always if you don€™t see what you need, give us a call and let the experts at PRO design a kit that best fits your exact needs.

Featured Product

PRO-5350 OTDR PRO-5350-TS-D35 OTDR

  • 7€� TFT Color Display
  • Soft-Touch Keypad
  • Ruggedized Construction
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Comes Standard with Built-In
  • VFL and Touchscreen


PRO Go-Kit Product Spec Sheet

The Go-Kit includes the following items - all in one backpack!!
PRO-5350-TS-D35 PRO-5350 OTDR 1310/1550 35/33 PM/LS/VFL
VIP-45-K1 Video Inspection Probe Kit 1 UPC
PRO-CKTK-BASIC Basic Cleaning and Tool Kit Combo
GOK-BKPKLT-GOKW Go-Kit Backpack (Logo) with Wheels-Trolley

Basic Cleaning and Tool Kit Combo (PRO-CKTK-BASIC)
PRO-BAG-SM-GOKL Go-Kit Branded Black Canvas Bag - Small
JIC-186 Kevlar Shears
JIC-375 Fiber Optic Stripper Three Hole
SMART-STRIP Buffer Tube Stripper
PRO-LFW-100 PRO-LFW-100 Lint-free Wipe (100ct.)
PRO-CC-AQ PRO-CC-AQ Connector Cleaner Water Base
PRO-CT2-002-015 PRO Cleaning Stick Wrapped 2.5mm 5 Pack
PRO-CT2-002-025 PRO Cleaning Stick Wrapped 1.25mm 5 Pack