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Proper and comprehensive network testing requires you as a technician to shuffle through multiple testing devices and accessories. Are you tired of looking all over for your equipment and lugging around several cases? The Multiple Service Operator (MSO) Go-Kit from Precision Rated Optics is an all-in-one, testing and tool kit designed for Cable Television technicians. The MSO Go-Kit saves you time in the field and dollars in your wallet.

Equipped with an OTDR, MPO Optical Loss Testers and DWDM Channel Analyzer, this Go-Kit includes everything to thoroughly test a fiber optic link. We've taken out the hard work of researching tools and equipment, and loaded this MSO Go-Kit with exactly what you need. Now you can utilize your time gaining business instead of ordering several products from different manufacturers.

No Go-Kit is completed without cleaning and inspection tools. The MSO Go-Kit comes with an MPO bulkhead/connector Quick Click, cleaning swabs and connector cleaner. With the inclusion of the PRO VIP-45 Video Inspection Probe you have cleaning, testing and verification all in one convenient backpack!

On any of our Go-Kit configurations - if you have any product preferences or configuration requirements, give us a call! We will gladly switch out any part of the Go-Kit to configure it specifically to your needs. Give us a call and work with a PRO!

Featured Products

PRO-5350-TS-D35 OTDR

  • 1310/1550nm 35/33dB
  • 7€� TFT Color Display
  • Soft-Touch Keypad
  • Ruggedized Construction
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Comes Standard with Built-In VFL & Touchscreen

OLM-302A MPO Loss Test Set OLM-302A Optical Loss

MPO Test Set

  • Rugged design
  • Quickly evaluate MPO link quality
  • Data storage for 300 sets of records
  • Features tone detection
  • Includes soft carrying case



PRO Go-Kit Product Spec Sheet

The Go-Kit includes the following items - all in one backpack!!
PRO-5350-TS-D35 PRO-5350 OTDR 1310/1550nm 35/33dB
OLM-302A OLM-302A MPO Loss Test Set
OCC-DWDM2-CB OCC-DWDM2-CB Optical Channel Analyzer
PRO-CK-MPO PRO-CK-MPO Cleaning Kit for MPO
VIP-45-K1 VIP-45 Video Inspection Probe
CS-250 CS-250 2.5mm Bulkhead Cleaner
CS-125 CS-125 1.25mm Bulkhead Cleaner