Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer
(Clad Alignment)

AFL SKU: S017090
Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer<br>(Clad Alignment)

Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer
(Clad Alignment)

AFL SKU: S017090
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Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 41S is a fully ruggedized, active cladding alignment fusion splicer. Core sensing loss estimation technology provides the most accurate assessment of splice loss available in any active cladding alignment splicer in the world. Enabled by Warm Splice Imaging (WSI), the 41S can determine the accuracy of core alignment by evaluation of the splice during the heating process. This technology delivers splice loss estimates with a greater level of accuracy as those based on only cladding alignment. State-of-the-art cleaver management via Bluetooth® connection with the CT50 Cleaver tracks usage and enables automated blade rotation as needed. The dual-camera, active V-groove alignment system provides consistent splicing performance in the most challenging conditions. A 6-second splice time and 25-second shrink time offers unmatched speed and productivity, while an easy-to-use touchscreen monitor provides simple and intuitive menu navigation. Interchangeable sheath clamps or fiber holders provide versatility for user preference, and compatibility with fusion installable connectors. The extended-life battery is rated for up to 200 splice and heat cycles. Long-life electrodes, lasting 5,000 splices, help minimize downtime for replacement and stabilization. The large 5" monitor provides a crystal clear image, even in the brightest sunlight. Software updates are accomplished via the internet allowing users to quickly update their software as new splice programs become available.

Backed by the best service team in the industry, the Fujikura 41S is the ideal splicer to use when portability, ruggedness, and reliability are needed for your splicing application.


  • Warm Splice Imaging (WSI) loss estimation technology
  • Bluetooth enabled cleaver management
  • Two camera, active cladding alignment
  • 5" touchscreen monitor
  • Interchangeable sheath clamps and fiber holders
  • Fully ruggedized for shock, moisture and dust resistance
  • Extended-life electrodes, 5,000 splices, exchangeable without tools
  • Long-life battery (200 splices/shrinks per charge)

Available Configurations

S017090 Option 1: Splicer Only - Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer, S31A Sheath clamps (installed), SP-31 Set Plates, ADC-19A AC Adapter, BTR-11 Battery Pack (installed), ACC-09 Power Cord, ELCT2-16B Spare Electrodes (pair), Operation Manual on CD, Quick Reference Guide, SS-03 Single Fiber Stripper and CC-36 Transit Case
S017091 Option 2: Splicer Kit (with cleaver) - Fujikura 41S Fusion Splicer, CT50 Cleaver, S31A Sheath clamps (installed), SP-31 Set Plates, ADC-19A AC Adapter, BTR-11 Battery Pack (installed), ACC-09 Power Cord, ELCT2-16B Spare Electrodes (pair), Operation Manual on CD, Quick Reference Guide, SS-03 Single Fiber Stripper and CC-36 Transit Case

Available Accessories

S017030 CT50 Cleaver
S017004 CT08 Cleaver
Fiber Holders
S017111 FH-70-250 Fiber Holder (pair)
S017113 FH-70-900 Fiber Holder (pair)
S015181 FH-60-LT900 Fiber Holder (pair)
S016156 BTR-11 Battery Pack
FUSEConnect Accessories
S014696 FH-FC-20 (900 µm within 2.0 mm sheathing) (each)
S014695 FH-FC-30 (900 µm within 3.0 mm sheathing) (pair)
S014697 FH-FC-900 (900 µm cable) (each)
S014705 CLAMP-FC-2000 (pair)
S014704 CLAMP-FC-3000 (pair)
S017100 CLAMP-S31A Sheath Clamps
S017101 CLAMP-S31B Sheath Clamps for loose buffer 900 µm
S017106 SP-31 Set Plate (pair)
S017103 ELCT2-16B Electrodes
S017104 ADC-19A AC Adapter
S014390 ACC-09 Power Cord
S017105 CC-36 Transit Case
S014777 USB Cable
S014397 Splicer V-Groove Cleaning Kit
S017098 SS03 Single Fiber Stripper (3 hole)
S017099 SS01 Single Fiber Stripper (1 hole)

Fujikura 41S Specifications

Model 41S
Applicable Fibers Single-mode (G.652 & G.657), Multimode (G.651), DSF (G.653), NZDS (G.655)
Cladding Diameter 125 μm
Coating Diameter 250 μm up to 3 mm
Fiber Cleave Length 5 mm to 16 mm
Typical Average Splice Loss 0.03 dB (SM), 0.01 dB (MM), 0.05 dB (DS) and 0.05 dB (NZDS)
Splicing Time Typical 6 sec with SM
Arc Calibration Method Automatic, real-time and by using results of previous splice when in AUTO mode, manual arc calibration function available
Splicing Modes Total 100 splice modes
Splice Loss Estimate Determined with cladding or core alignment based on method selected by the user
Storage of Splice Result 10,000 splice results
Fiber Display 5 inch TFT color LCD with X or Y view or both X and Y view simultaneously
Magnification 200X for single-camera view and 132X magnification for dual-camera view
Viewing Method 2 axis CMOS camera
Operating Condition Altitude: 0 to 5,000 m above sea level, -10° to +50° C, Humidity: 0 to 95% RH, non-dew
Mechanical Proof Test 1.96 N
Tube Heater 30 heating modes
Tube Heating Time Typical 25 sec with FP-60 (60 mm) sleeve
Protection Sleeve Length 60 mm, 40 mm, micro
Splice/Heat Cycles with Battery Typical 200 cycles with BTR-11
Electrode Life 5,000 splices
Power Supply Auto select from 100 V to 240 V with AC adapter, 14.8 V DC with installed battery
Terminals USB 2.0
Wind Protection Maximum wind velocity of 15 m/s. (34 mph)
Dimensions 131 x 201 x 79 (mm)
Weight 1,300 g (2.85 lbs) with battery

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