FS-C97 High Precision Cleaver

FS-C97 High Precision Cleaver

FS-C97 High Precision Cleaver

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FS-C97 High Precision Cleaver

The FS-C97 High Precision Cleaver from Precision Rated Optics is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. FS-C97 can be installed with a variety of holders for ribbon cable up to 12 fibers as well as a universal holder which is applicable to 250um, 900um, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat cable. Work efficiency can be maximized with easy and simple 2 step operations. FS-C97+ as an optional model has an automatic collector for fiber shards and fiber scrap. The blade provides over 48,000 fiber cleaves through easy and simple blade position selection.


  • High precision cleaving for ribbon fiber cable as well as 250um, 900um, 3.0mm and flat cable with universal holder
  • Available for single and ribbon cleaving up to 12 fibers
  • Easy-step operation to complete the cleaving and collection of waste fiber shards automatically
  • Convenient and quick to operate. Either hand-held or on table/worktop surfaces
  • Very easy fiber setting and placing and, no need for blade height adjustment, therefore improving work efficiency and low maintenance cost
  • Smart design of pressure pads preventing the fiber from damage by the return of the blade carriage
  • Each point of the blade can be used not only over 3000 times, but each blade has 16 cutting points, providing over 48,000 cleaves
  • Made for magnesium alloy materials, giving high strength and stability. Small, compact size and lightweight

Technical Specification:
Type: Single fiber and Ribbon fiber
Fiber Diameter: 125um
Length: 8~20mm (Single fiber), 10mm (Ribbon fiber)
Cleaver angle: 0.5 Degrees with single fiber
Life of blade: Total 48,000 cleaves (1,000 fiber for 1 step * total 16 steps * 3 heights)
Operation Steps: 2 Steps
Reclaim Function: Blade pushback
Holder: Single- Universal holder / Ribbon- Replaceable holder
Single fiber: 250um, 900um, 3.0mm fiber cable
Flat cable Ribbon fiber: 2 to 12 ribbon fiber cable
Dimensions: 2.51" x 2.91" x 2.44" (64 x 74 x 62 mm)
Weight: 12.02 oz (341g) 

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FS-C97 | Precision Rated Optics Cleaver


FS-C97 Series Product Spec Sheet

FS-C97 Series User Manual

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