Maintenance. Calibration. Repair.

You need your equipment to do your job. With regular upkeep and maintenance, you won’t miss a beat … or a splice. You don’t have time to allow for bad cleaves or broken splices from inadequately maintained equipment (Trust us, we know from experience). In the end, proper maintenance will save you money by avoiding downtime and repair.


Measurements are critical to your success and are an important part of the services you provide. When you’re taking fiber optic measurements on a new network, checking multiple fiber spans ,or fusion splicing a 96 count OSP enclosure, you need to know that your equipment is in top working condition. Regular calibration that assurance.


Regular maintenance and calibration are the best ways to ensure preventable repair. Unfortunately, hardware and software failures cannot always be prevented. specializes in board-level repairs, camera failures, power supply failures, and more. Repair service is very specific to each individual piece of equipment.

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