News Story: Smart Cities and NCPC

At the January 2017 Commission meeting, Architect and Urban Planner Ken Walton described some of the agency’s recent efforts on smart cities. Here he highlights some of that work, which includes an ongoing effort to turn Pennsylvania Avenue west of the White House into a smart and connected … Powered by WPeMatico

Book Memo: “Smart Cities

Applications, Technologies, Standards, and Driving FactorsThis book reviews the applications, technologies, standards, and other issues related to Smart Cities. The book is divided into broad topical sections including Vision & Reality, Technologies & Standards, Transportation Considerations, and … Powered by WPeMatico

Why IOTA? Recommended Long Term Investment

Being designed to interface with the IoT or Internet of Thing – that is a new gen of networks in which smart machinery are tied together makes IOTA directly be preferred by gov as it could adapt to the new era of smart cities and advanced societies on technological terms. Finally, most importantly to … Powered […]

Smart Cities Council announces challenge finalists

The Smart Cities Council has announced the nine finalists for its annual Readiness Challenge grants. The finalists are working to create e-government platforms, digitize transportation and make data easier to use and more accessible, according to an announcement from the Smart Cities Council. Powered by WPeMatico