Smart cities examples

Smart cities examples. Definition of smart city: A developed urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life by excelling in multiple key areas; . Orchestrating infrastructure for sustainable Smart Cities While the technologies to develop smart cities are for example city … Powered by WPeMatico

Ge smart city solutions

In the early stages of the transformation, when deployment of networked infrastructure and establishment of operation centres are the main focus, close partnerships with infrastructure GE – Smart Cities [image source: GE] GE’s cloud platform for industry, Predix, captures and analyzes the unique volume, … Powered by WPeMatico

CCTV cameras will soon have face recognition technology

The program aims to ‘put deep learning to work,’ by working with software companies to create ‘smart’ cities. ‘We’re taking advantage of the more than 1 billion video cameras that will be in our cities by the year 2020 to solve a dizzying array of problems,’ Nvidia explains on the company’s website. Powered by WPeMatico

Congressional Smart Cities Caucus to launch in May

On Thursday, two state legislators announced the Congressional Caucus on Smart Cities, which will explore solutions to bridge the technological divide between urban and rural American communities by developing smart infrastructure nationwide. The caucus will launch in early March, and allow … Powered by WPeMatico